The best place to cool off from the summer heat is in the pool.

Your Ultimate Summer Cool-Off Spot Near Uptown Minneapolis Apartments

Even though Minneapolis isn’t widely known for its warm climate, the summer season can turn surprisingly hot. It’s time to dig out those swimsuits because a mere 8-minute stroll from our Uptown Minneapolis apartments will bring you to the St. Louis Park Aquatic Park. This stunning community pool is a favorite spot for families to gather, swim, indulge in some playful fun, and stay active during the warm summer days. Discover everything the St. Louis Park Aquatic Park has in store.

Beat the Heat! Aquatic Park Schedules and Entry Fees

Right as the summer heat starts to peak after Memorial Day in June, the Aquatic Park beckons. Conveniently situated near our St. Louis Park apartments, residents frequently enjoy lengthy visits to this aquatic haven throughout the most scorching periods.

During June and July, the center welcomes visitors from 11 am to 8 pm on weekdays, and from 11 am to 7 pm on weekends. Come August, operation times adjust slightly, with the center closing by 7 pm every day.

Day passes are affordably priced for endless fun under the sun. Tickets are $9.50, with a reduced rate of $5.50 for guests over 55. After 4:30 pm, the entry fee is $5.50 for all, while infants under 1 year old enter for free.

For those planning multiple visits, a Season Pass could be a cost-effective choice, providing limitless access throughout the summer. Priced at approximately $60 or below as listed on their Season Pass & Groups page, it’s an excellent deal, especially given our close proximity to the park.

Experience the Aqua Obstacle Course: Summertime Thrills

Looking for a challenge? The Aquatic Park’s Aqua Obstacle Course is a thrilling adventure that will test your physical prowess while providing immense fun. Equipped with ramps, bridges, slides, and more, it’s an alternative way to exercise while feeling like you’re simply having a blast.

Not-to-Miss Swimming Events at the Aquatic Park

For adults aiming to refine their swimming techniques, the lap swim area offers a perfect regimen to strengthen limbs. Additionally, special timings like Parent & Tot time ensure toddlers have a safe space to enjoy the water, with swimming lessons available for all ages to enhance safety in the water.

The end of the school year brings about a special celebration at the Aquatic Park, with budget-friendly snacks and a jovial atmosphere ideal for welcoming the summer.

Also, designated swim times for women and men are scheduled throughout the summer, facilitating swims in a single-sex environment for those who prefer or require it.

Community Endorsements

Local visitors vouch for the exemplary safety standards and professional attitude of the lifeguards at the Aquatic Park, highlighting their rigorous training and child-friendly demeanor. Families appreciate the spacious design allowing for collective enjoyment without feeling overcrowded, and the availability of tasty, reasonably-priced concessions adds to the appeal.

Endless Entertainment Close to Our St. Louis Park Apartments

Throughout the year, residents of our Uptown Minneapolis apartments enjoy a wide array of activities. To learn more about life in our St. Louis Park apartments and to explore our community amenities, including outdoor lounges, pet-friendly courtyards, and spacious living arrangements suitable for families, visit our website and schedule a tour today. Our welcoming team looks forward to showing you around.

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