Man at a park near our apartments in St. Louis Park, MN.

Discover an Urban Retreat at Westwood Hills, Near our Minneapolis Uptown Apartments

Located a mere 15 minutes by car from our Minneapolis Uptown residences, Westwood Hills Nature Center stands as a 160-acre haven combining natural beauty with educational and recreational opportunities. This picturesque escape provides a serene respite from the urban rush.

The park boasts a variety of landscapes, including prairies, forests, and marshes, complemented by hiking trails and an informative education center. Here, visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in the wonders of Minnesota’s local fauna.

The Evolution of Westwood Hills Nature Center

Originally a country club in the 1930s, Westwood Hills transformed over the decades, first into a day camp in the 1960s, then ultimately into the interpretive center and nature preserve by the 1970s that we know today. It has been educating and captivating nature enthusiasts since opening its new facility in 1981, according to the St. Louis Park Historical Society.

“Presently, Westwood Hills Nature Center offers a gateway for all ages to engage with nature right in St. Louis Park. Discover it for yourself and begin your own adventure into the natural world,” suggests the St. Louis Park Historical Society.

Experience Westwood Hills Nature Center: A Place of Beauty and Learning Near Our Uptown Minneapolis Apartments

From your first visit, the tranquility of Westwood Hills envelops you, offering picturesque views of Westwood Lake, over 3 miles of nature trails, a tranquil water garden, resources for learning about local flora and fauna, facilities for events, an amphitheater, and a kids’ playground.

An integral part of their mission involves outreach about honeybees, featuring an observation apiary for education on these critical, yet endangered, pollinators.

Educational Opportunities Abound at Westwood Hills Nature Center

The center excels in its diverse, year-long programming, aiming to deepen visitors’ connections with nature. From family and preschool programs to specialized activities for homeschooled students, Westwood Hills provides an expansive outdoor classroom experience. They also cater to field trips and scout groups with a wealth of learning topics.

For those seeking a tranquil reprieve, the center offers evening canoeing, allowing a moment of solace amidst nature’s splendor, a short distance from the bustling city.

Community Endorsements

Highly regarded by Minneapolis locals, Westwood Hills delivers a peaceful getaway reflective of the city’s appreciation for nature. Testimonials underscore the center’s impact, from enriching children’s birthdays with educational programming to providing memorable wildlife experiences for visitors of all ages.

Your Urban Oasis Awaits Close to Home

While our St. Louis Park residences are convenient to chic dining and shopping, we equally cherish our proximity to Minneapolis’s lush, natural escapes. Whether you’re inclined towards nature walks, picnics, educational outings with your kids, or a quiet afternoon absorbing the natural beauty, Westwood Hills Nature Center promises enriching experiences. Discover the balanced lifestyle awaiting at our St. Louis Park apartments by scheduling your tour today. Visit our website for more details.

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