Helpful tips on Spring cleaning and organizing your apartment.

5 Steps to Refresh Your Apartment with Spring Cleaning

The architectural designs and offerings at Excelsior and Grand stand out beautifully. Every apartment boasts modern, chic amenities and finishes crafted to elevate your lifestyle. Whether it’s the spacious, open-concept living areas, large bedrooms, luxury hardwood flooring, or gourmet kitchens, you’ll be proud to call our St. Louis Park apartments your home.


With the arrival of spring, it presents the perfect opportunity to begin anew, organize, and rid your living space of unnecessary clutter. Embark on a journey to a comfortable, orderly home by executing a thorough spring cleaning plan – here are five strategies to assist you along this path.


  1. Designate a Declutter Date

In our hectic lives filled with personal and professional commitments, making time for tidying up can seem daunting. By officially scheduling a day each month for organizing, cleaning, and decluttering tasks, they become doable. Preparation is key, allowing you to gather or purchase necessary materials in advance.


  1. Opt for Multi-functional Furniture

Optimizing space in your apartment can be achieved by selecting furniture that also serves as storage solutions. Explore a variety of innovative and budget-friendly items such as ottomans that double as trunks, coffee tables with hidden compartments, or beds with built-in drawers. These can be excellent for stashing away out-of-season garments, additional bedding, or miscellaneous items, especially in more compact living spaces or for those with numerous possessions.


  1. Maximize Every Square Inch with Over-The-Door Organizers

Disorganization can subtly fuel stress and discomfort. Aim for a clutter-free living by keeping surfaces clear and leveraging vertical storage solutions. This approach not only promotes a serene atmosphere but also efficiently utilizes available space. Utilizing over-the-door hangers can neatly organize shoes, cleaning products, or other essentials within easy reach.


  1. Embrace a Roll-Up Drying Rack for Efficient Kitchen Space Use

Kitchen counter space is highly valued and can become cluttered by dishes if you prefer air-drying them. A roll-up drying rack, positioned over the sink, allows water to drip away and can be conveniently stored after the dishes have dried, preserving precious counter space.


  1. Purge Unworn Clothes

Adopt a practical approach towards your wardrobe – if an item hasn’t been worn in a year, perhaps it’s time it found a new home. Clinging to clothes for sentimental reasons or potential future use is common, but it’s worth evaluating the real utility of these items. Donating them not only clears space but also benefits others.


Feel proud of your living space. By implementing these straightforward strategies, you can enjoy an organized, clutter-free, and aesthetically pleasing apartment quickly. Visit Excelsior and Grand today to check out our expansive and stylish floor plans.

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